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Unidentified is a family of objects designed to be ambiguous, suggesting function rather than dictating it and leaving their ultimate purpose in the worldup to the user.

Inspired by examples of object ‘misuse’ and everyday thoughtless acts, each object aims to encourage moments of serendipity and question the strict guidelines of function we are so used to.

Each object was created by randomly selecting ‘affordance cards’ consisting of four categories: shape, material, action and detail – in order to create a more serendipitous design process.

The family of objects are made from a variety of different materials – depending on what was dictated by the cards selected for each piece, ranging from marble to concrete, resin, brass to Jesmonite, ash and cork, which not only has an impact on the look and feel of each object, but also the function it suggests.

These designs set out to nurture new relationships with objects, that are more in tune with the realities of our everyday lives and the products we interact with. In a world dominated by immediacy and efficiency, perhaps there is something to be learned from the art of instinctive appropriation, and product experiences are unique to each consumer.



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