As Part of the new kits launched by Kano, I designed a family of 5 USB sensors. Designed to be a physical representation of their somewhat abstract individual functions, each sensor aims to create an identifiable form and typology for these invisible, but very much ‘everyday’, technologies. The Tilt sensor contains a gyroscope and accelerometer to measure movement and speed in each axis – represented here by a rolling ball bearing which also shows this movement. The Sound sensor is a microphone, and borrows its form from old telephones and voice input devices. The Tripwire is triggered by movement, over a 7m distance, across its optical reflective sensor – and is designed to resemble an eye – keeping a lookout for anything that crosses it’s path. The Air sensor reads temperature and humidity – and is designed to resemble and Air vent, taking in air and assessing its properties. Finally the Gesture sensor, which accurately reads the distance to whatever is in front of it and recognises hand gestures, is designed to represent rising and ascending through its stepped form, but also the waves of a radar – understanding the position of an object in relation to its sensor. These sensors are able to be used with any USB compatible device, including the Kano computer kit, new Kano kits as well as home computers and laptops.


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